Proactive and Reactive Interventions

Healthy Mind Services deliver the "Healthy Mind at Work Training". This is proactive training in Self Management skills to help with monitoring and managing stress, using online courses or workshops. We also provide reactive approaches using online therapy.

The approach used by Healthy Mind services uses Cognitive Behavioural Training a well recognised and approved approach for understanding, managing and overcoming the impacts of stress.

The Healthy Mind at Work Course has been developed after thousands of clinical hours working with clients who have felt overwhelmed and have felt difficulty coping at work. What has been found is that there are often common key factors which link to a persons ability to cope with stress. This training aims to be preventative to help a person manage their stress levels and wellbeing so that they will be more able to deal with whatever challenges they have to face.

It does this by looking at the following factors;

1.Managing Stress & Feeling Calmer

2. Dealing with Worry

3. Reviewing Expectations & Managing Pressure

4. Effective Communication & Manage Frustration with others

5. Learning the Science behind anxiety to manage it & face any fears

6. Dealing with Self Criticism & Feeling more confident

7. Help with manage difficult & negative thoughts

8. Help with Low Mood & Low Motivation

Feedback from previous training attendees

-"Outstanding, this is very useful, your presentation style is skilled and timely, thankyou"

-"Very Useful training, I can see how I can apply this in practice."

-"Fantastic resources, I found it all really helpful. I liked how you delivered using different methods and how interactive it was."

-"The strategies and self-help material were really useful and helpful."

-"Good mix of delivery and inclusion of attendees covering relevant points without overdoing it, Thankyou I’m off to use this."

"These techniques have been excellent and have really helped me out of my low/dark place."

What we offer